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About Bitcoin Wake

Hello and welcome to Bitcoin wake


We are a group of bitcoin and altcoin traders who sat down and figured out we need to make bitcoin more mainstream.

Most of us have backgrounds in the financial industry (investment banks, private banks and brokers)and the past years also started trading in bitcoins and other crypto currencies.


We will try to provide easy to follow guides for buying and trading bitcoins along with daily, weekly tips on bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin markets move fast based on rumors, trends, trades and not to forget hacks and scams involving bitcoins.

Simple rumors can currently move the bitcoin price +/- 10% within an hour and can make trading either golden or chaotic based on your positions.

We will try to navigate these hard waters and provide you will all needed information in order to turn loss into profit.

All for free and without any adds on our site, all we ask is an open mindset and user engangement 😉


Happy trading

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