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Bitcoin W47 stable BTC price, for now at least


Trading wise the last couple of days has been really boring, seems like we are forming new baseline. Sideways and yet more sideways. Next move might be another $10 push up which might end with a $5 higher baseline. But we still think retesting $300 like last week might is possible with a few dumps. So placing some buys in ...

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Bitcoin W46 Sunday update


Starting at around $380 the week seemed to start steady, yet we did see some dumps on the 11. November crashing bitcoin price down to $300. Small buy pressure the day after did bring the price up by $35 to $335 range where we have been sliding the last couple of days. Sideways, sideways and more sideways it seems. Boring ...

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Coinify Bitcoin payments firm adding 15 new digital currencies


Coinify, a Danish based cryptocoin payment processor enabling more than 10.000 merchants just started to accepting 15 additional crypto currencies besides bitcoin. For Coinify merchants and partners it’s business as usual as they are still paid in either USD, Euro, Pounds, kroner or other local currencies to their bank accounts within a few days. The coins will be added or ...

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Bitcoin W46 – What a drop


What a way to start the week. Massive drops bringing bitcoin price down to $306 We did warn a few days ago that we might test $320 and that’s exactly what it did and then even a bit lower than predicted.   Looking at below graph we are still trending upwards but as always, trade with great caution as we ...

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Bitcoin W45 Sunday update


Massive price action this week with huge downwards pressure towards end of W45 Quick profit was to made made of the $380 range as we expected, but the trending average was a bit below prediction. Today Sunday, we saw huge selloff and bears attacking hard pressing price down to $366. Small rebounce to $370 but watch out.. We might even ...

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Bitcoin week 45 breakout


This week has been a roller coaster so far, with a huge breakup on the 4. november. Bitfinix topped $504 which is a new all time high since June 2014. 6 hours later the bears attacked and sent the price back to $367 for a short while. Currently price is averaging in the $400 range,  while bulls are still attacking ...

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