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Bitcoin W46 Sunday update

Starting at around $380 the week seemed to start steady, yet we did see some dumps on the 11. November crashing bitcoin price down to $300.

Small buy pressure the day after did bring the price up by $35 to $335 range where we have been sliding the last couple of days.

Sideways, sideways and more sideways it seems. Boring to trade but good for price stability.

With that said, money can still be made on the small swings. Look below for last few hours on OKCoin quarterlies


But it would require 20x leverage and reading the swings like a pro.

See our guide on OKCoin trading if needed.

Prediction for start of next week, boring sideways and more sideways. Hopefully we will see some buy pressure, but that might be in our dreams only….

We might test $300 again in the coming week due to the low volume on exchanges atm.

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